Northwest NEWS

August 2, 1999

Local News

Woodinville organizes FATCAP

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--City of Woodinville Public Works Director Mick Monken seeks to organize a group of community volunteers to assist the Planning Commission.

   The group, to be known as FATCAP (Facility and Transportation Citizen Advisory Panel), would be an organized group of representatives from special interest areas, Monken said. They would provide insight and assistance in developing capital projects for the City's facility and transportation needs.

   "The vision is to have a 'one-stop shop' working group, to assure communication with special interest groups in areas outside the basic design needs of Public Works capital projects," said Monken. "The desired results are projects that have elements that reflect the full needs and desires of the community. They would work with our in-house engineering group to help assure that items such as aesthetics, landscaping, recreation, and community concerns are identified early in any planning process. The panel could also ensure that communication with existing boards, commissions and special interest groups is maintained at the study and design level."

   Monken laid out the following proposals for the FATCAP:

   FATCAP would be organized and operated through the Planning Commission. Panel members would include: one Planning Commissioner serving as Chair; two business representatives (one large business and one small business); one citizen-at-large; one Tree Board member; one Park Board member; one salmon/water quality specialist.

   Meetings would be held monthly, or as necessary for key projects, in Room 25 of City Hall. All meetings would be open discussions, with an agenda but no minutes taken, and would last no more than two hours. The Chair would officiate and control the meetings, without Roberts' Rules.

   A City Public Works (PW) staff member would participate, but not control the proceedings. They would present information, ask and answer questions, and record advice from the Panel. Advice would not be voted on, but the Chair would call for an informal vote in case of conflicts.

   All FATCAP representatives would report all discussions to their respective formal groups, and would contact the PW staff member if any formal group wanted direct communication with PW staff. The PW staff representative would vary, depending on which staff members were assigned to specific projects.

   The FATCAP would not be used for design areas such as engineered solutions, design standards, alternative selections, and other areas outside functional and non-functional cosmetics and recreation.