Northwest NEWS

August 2, 1999

Local News

Historical Society speaks up for Sorenson property

by Mary Karr, special to the Weekly

   WOODINVILLE--What happens now to the old Woodinville School, the Sorenson School, and the 10 acres of ball fields that border one side, as a result of City Hall being built on another site? The truth is, it may all disappear.

   Residents may have read about the possibility of this property being sold by Northshore School District. The City almost purchased it, but couldn't justify paying Northshore's asking price of $10 million (reportedly now down to $6 million). The Woodinville School is a large piece of the town's history and one of the few remaining historical sites. The Society and representatives from three groups are discussing how the community can protect this property.

   Jim Verdale of the Woodinville and Northshore sports organization says the 10-acre field is already very tight for space to allow kids to play sports.

   "The sports fields cannot be used in the winter. They would get ruined if played on," said Jorge Barrerra of Pro Parks. "The rest of the year, they are packed full of kids of all ages. Without these fields, too many kids would not be able to play ball."

   Carol Barker, of the Northshore Senior Center, Woodinville branch, says seniors would benefit with a place of their own. Currently, they provide needed services with city-sponsored programs held at the Grange and the Woodinville Library. At Sorenson, they could offer more programs more efficiently: it would be a central location easily accessible by car, bus, or by walking.

   Anyone interested in saving this property for Woodinville is encouraged to attend a City Council meeting, held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 7 p.m. For more information, call the Historical Society at 425-483-8270, or e-mail Society V-P Mary Karr at