Northwest NEWS

August 2, 1999

Front Page

Duvall 911 calls to go to Redmond Comm. Center

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   DUVALL--Beginning August 11, 911 calls placed from within the city limits of Duvall will be routed to the City of Redmond Communications Center, according to Chief Glenn Merryman. The city's 911 calls are currently sent to the King County Sheriff's Office in downtown Seattle.

   "This is basically a better deal for Duvall," Merryman said. "It will improve capabilities of the police department here with the addition of wireless technologies and include cost savings for the citizens."

   Merryman said the improved technology will include mobile laptop computers in cars that will enable officers in the field to do warrant checks, checks on license plates, and immediately identify stolen vehicles.

   "An officer can type in a license plate number and get information on the car before even turning his lights on," he said. "This is a huge plus and an extra advantage for the officers' safety." He said that two patrol cars will be outfitted initially with the computers and all cars will have them by next year.

   He noted that 911 calls originating from outside of the city will still be routed to Seattle.