Northwest NEWS

August 2, 1999

Front Page

Hunter not filing for re-election

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   CARNATION--Mayor David Hunter says he has decided not to run for re-election this fall, citing family and job pressures.

   "I have additional work responsibilities this year and the kids are at an age when opportunities with them won't come around again," he said.

   Hunter was a councilmember when he was appointed mayor in May 1998 after Jack Stein resigned. Under his direction, the city has hired Administrator Woody Edvalson and Finance Director Richard Gould and changed police services from a city unit to one operated by the King County Sheriff's Office. He also was a major force in the transformation of the city's form of government from mayor/council to council-manager.

   "Because of the change in government, once the November election is ratified, the new council will take over," Hunter said. "By December 1, the city will have a new council, and they will elect a new mayor."

   He said the new form of government is a good fit for Carnation. "I was pleased with the way the citizens supported it," he said.

   He said he has enjoyed the experience of being mayor. "It has been rewarding, " he said, adding that the city is currently working on sewers, the budget, and next year's police levy.

   "We are reviewing a proposal from a (sewer) engineering firm now," he said.