Northwest NEWS

August 9, 1999

Local News

Solberg refills City Council Position #2

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--With her four-year elected term ending later this year, Barbara Solberg is running unopposed for Woodinville City Council Position #2 this fall.

   "Although I am unopposed, I believe the citizens of Woodinville deserve a statement from me about my work on the Council," Solberg said. "Already, the Council is beginning to work on the budget for 2000, beginning the real work of getting a city hall built, launching plans for a skateboard park, guiding the ongoing road improvements, and building upon established working relationships with neighboring cities. We have established a community policing program in cooperation with the Woodinville Police Dept. The City Manager the Council selected, Pete Rose, started work in January and is bringing organizational strength and stability to the excellent City staff."

   Solberg was the sole Council representative to earn accreditation at the Association of Washington Cities Certified Municipal Leadership Program. She serves on the City's Finance Committee and chairs the City's Salmon Task Force. She represents the City at the Sammamish Watershed Forum, and serves as Liason to the City Planning Commission.

   "My interest is in thorough discussion of issues by the Council, to come to a decision or action that the Council believes is in the best interests of all the citizens of Woodinville," Solberg said. "I want us to strengthen alliances that will help bring affordable housing to our area. Our city's growing senior citizen population adds stability, experience, and enrichment to our quality of life. More of our young people are coming to participate in Council meetings, which is an example of good citizenship. I hope to see more citizen attendance at our meetings."

   "My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this month, and I think if I can survive 43 years of marriage, I can survive another four-year term on the Council," Solberg joked. "I believe in equality and recognition for all people. I very much believe people need a pat on the back when they do a good job, and a hand up when things get a little tough."