Northwest NEWS

August 9, 1999


Northshore school buses found to be 100 percent safe

   The Northshore School District received a 100 percent rating for the fourth year in a row from the Washington State Patrol on the condition of the district's buses. No buses were shown out of service.

   Scores exceeding 90% are outstanding. Once a year, the Washington State Patrol conducts a thorough inspection of every bus in the fleet, bumper to bumper, top to bottom. In addition, they conduct a surprise, unannounced review of 25 percent of the fleet once a year. Northshore continues to earn 100% on all of these inspections.

   "It doesn't get much better than that," commented Superintendent Karen Forys. "Our bus mechanics work very hard to ensure the safety of our students. We applaud their efforts."

   The Northshore School District transports approximately 13,000 students daily on 123 buses.