Northwest NEWS

August 16, 1999


Small-town living can't be beat

   We want to express our deepest appreciation to Matt, Doug, and Sarah, who found our dog Lilly after she left home during Tuesday's storm. And thank you to the kindhearted people of Carnation who offered their support and good wishes.

   Sometime after Tuesday morning, Lilly slipped out of her collar and tether in our backyard and took off running. Without her collar and I.D. tags, how would anyone know that she had a loving home and a family that missed her?

   We did everything we could to find her. We posted signs, networked with neighbors, and called shelters, animal hospitals, and vets in our area. We walked every side of the street, calling out her name. Through it all, we tried to stay hopeful, even when another storm threatened.

   We're so very thankful to have Lilly back home with us. The community support was absolutely incredible. You just can't beat small-town living.

Scott, Robin, and Rachel Nordquist, Carnation