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August 16, 1999

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Bothell breaks ground for new downtown Public Safety Facility

Public Safety Facility

Artist's rendition of the new Bothell Public Safety Facility, facing the current City Hall on 101st Ave. NE. Construction began Monday, Aug. 16, following the groundbreaking ceremony last Thursday, Aug. 12.
Staff photo by Marshall Haley.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   BOTHELL--Construction was scheduled to begin Monday, Aug. 16, on the new Bothell Police Station, across 101st NE from the City Hall. The Public Safety Facility Groundbreaking Ceremony was conducted by Mayor Mike Noblet last Thursday, Aug. 12.

   "This Public Safety Facility will be a focal point for the community," said Noblet. "Built of strong materials with a brick appearance, it will be a significant and handsome building, designed to complement and enhance the historical feel of our downtown area, while minimizing the visual impact of police vehicles through the underground parking design and access routes.

   "The facility will be of a size that will accommodate growth of the department, as it serves this growing community well into the next century. In addition, our community will benefit from the classrooms and meeting rooms that can be utilized for educational meetings and gatherings. The Police Department will be a good neighbor to downtown businesses, as this new proximity allows for community involvement and support of economic development."

   Noblet said the building will feature extra strengthening needed for the jail area and a secure area for 911 dispatchers. It will have stronger foundations, framing, and fireproofing than previous Bothell police facilities, and will be built to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters.

   "A police station must be built with this extra strength construction, as it is a central location for emergency services in a disaster for the entire community," said Noblet. He said the new location, in an easily identifiable and accessible part of downtown Bothell, will allow City employees and members of the public to more efficiently conduct business needs in both City buildings.

   Noblet thanked many people whose dedicated efforts contributed to the new facility. BZ Davis, Public Safety Facility Bonds Committee Chair, and Police Chief Mark Ericks also spoke at the dedication.