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August 16, 1999

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Grants, loans available through Bothell's housing repair program

   The City of Bothell's 1999 housing repair program is available to serve the needs of low-to-moderate-income Bothell homeowners by offering grants and loans for housing repair. The program features four categories of financial assistance related to housing repair.

   The emergency grant program will assist qualified homeowners with life-threatening repairs only, with the amount of the grant not to exceed $1,500 per dwelling unit.

   The mobile home grant program will contribute up to $2,700 to qualified owner occupants of mobile home for repairs directly related to an emergency situation, health and safety concerns, building preservation, or energy conservation.

   The deferred payment loan (DPL) program will provide loans for housing repairs up to $13,500 to applicants making 80% or less of the median income level.

   These loans have no monthly payment, and interest is not charged. But they are required to be repaid when the house is sold or the title is transferred. The affordable monthly payment loan (AMPL) program will benefit qualified applicants by providing 50% of the cost of eligible repairs, up to a maximum of $13,500, in the form of a deferred payment loan. The remainder is provided by the homeowner, using their own funds or funds from another loan obtained from a qualified lender.

   Applicants who qualify for this program must have household incomes not exceeding 80% of the median income. Eligible types of repairs are prioritized as follows: emergency repairs, health and safety repairs, and general improvement repairs.

   Bothell's 1999 Housing Repair Program is administered by the Community Services Division of the King County Housing and Community Development Program. The program is available to qualified homeowners living within the Bothell city limits, regardless of whether they are in the King County or Snohomish County section of the city. Eligibility is determined by maximum gross annual income of all household members.

   Applications for the 1999 City of Bothell housing repair program can be obtained by calling the King County Housing Repair Hotline at (206) 296-7640, or through their website at