Northwest NEWS

August 16, 1999

Front Page

Duvall's Depot Village will continue to be a mobile home park

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   DUVALL--Depot Village Mobile Home Park has been purchased by a group that will continue to keep it as a mobile home park, according to former owner Ray Burhen.

   Burhen, who built the 25-home park along the Snoqualmie Trail 20 years ago, informed the tenants a year ago that the park would be closing on August 15 of this year unless the park residents or another party chose to purchase it.

   Burhen and his wife Tove did most of the maintenance themselves and decided last year they needed to retire. If the park had not been purchased, the land would have been sold for development. The land is zoned for mixed commercial and residential development, which allows 16 units per usable acre.

   Burhen said a small, non-local company, Depot Group, LLC, recently purchased the property. He said the group has hired an onsite manager to work with the tenants and that he (Burhen) would be doing some of the maintenance and upgrades for the new owners.

   "We are planning for some major renovations," Burhen said. "The streets will be redone, hopefully this year, and there are other upgrades that are necessary to make it a pleasant place to live."

   The old railroad depot, which the park was named after, was included in the sale, and will also undergo some renovations, he said. The depot was built around 1913 for arriving settlers. Recently, it has been used for Duvall Historical Society meetings.

   "We need to change the heating system so the building can be used for more things," Burhen said. "We have to do something to get away from the hot wood stoves that we have been using, so the depot could be possibly be open for other uses."

   Burhen said the new owners desire the park to be "a number one place," and that their philosophy is that they want the park to be a "neat and presentable place for years to come."