Northwest NEWS

August 23, 1999


Dr. John C. Friel

Author of 'The 7 Worst Things Parents Do' in Woodinville

   Author Dr. John C. Friel will be at Woodinville's Barnes & Noble, Friday, August 27, at 7:00 p.m. to discuss his book, The 7 Worst Things Parents Do (Health Communications, Inc., $10.95).

   Written by the husband and wife team of psychologist John C. Friel, Ph.D. and Linda K. Friel, M.A., the book examines the seven most ineffective and self-defeating behaviors that parents often display. The Friels state that we've become a nation of over-anxious, indulgent, neglectful parents, and those in the middle and upper-middle classes are sometimes the worst offenders.

   "We sue our teachers if our kids get 'too much homework,' we try to remove any vestige of struggle from our children's lives so that they grow up to be narcissistic, incompetent, and rude. We are so lost ourselves, that we try to be our children's pals instead of being their parents."

   The 7 Worst Things Parents Do gives parents concrete steps they can take to end behaviors and improve the quality of their parenting.

   The author, who recently appeared on the Oprah show, takes a remarkably clear, gently confrontational, and very practical stand, and offers suggestions for becoming grown-up parents.