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August 23, 1999

Local News

Northshore revises policies after recent teacher arrest

   An administrative review supported Northshore School District's process for handling complaints about staff who interact inappropriately with students. But the review did find four areas that needed improvement: Documentation, Investigation, Supervision, and Required Reporting.

   Now, complainants or the administrator who receives a complaint must fully document the complaint. The administrator is responsible for adequate documentation, management, and storage of documents, and production of records when needed. Administrators should request, but not demand, that complainants commit complaints to writing. If complainant is unwilling or unable, administrators must summarize complaints as presented orally by complainants. That will eliminate problems of memory loss, over time.

   The District must continue to develop and maintain solid investigative skills for administrators. Personnel staff, or a principal's supervisor, must be contacted about any complaints to ensure sufficient information is being gathered and that judgment calls and decisions are made on the basis of gathered facts.

   The District must offer additional training in employee relations, managing employees, handling confrontation in the workplace, and supervising, evaluating, and disciplining staff. Recurrent training requirements should assure true skill development and maintain high levels of proficiency in those areas.

   All touching incidents, no matter how apparently innocent or egregious, must be reported to Personnel.

   Northshore is in the process of implementing these recommendations in time for the upcoming school year, according to Dr. Pamela Steele, Distict Communications Director.