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August 23, 1999

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Wilmot traffic signal installed for park

traffic signal

Workers installed a new traffic signal at the Wilmot Gateway Park crosswalk last week.
Staff photo by Marshall Haley.

   Crews transformed the blinking yellow traffic signal at Wilmot Gateway Park on the South Bypass in Woodinville to a full traffic signal last week. The new signal will require vehicles to come to a full stop for pedestrians crossing between the park and the east side of 131st Avenue NE.

   Woodinville Director of Parks and Recreation Lane Youngblood reports that the new signal should help to alleviate some pressure on the limited parking spaces available at the park site.

   "Parking at Wilmot Gateway Park is limited through the terms of the King County Open Space bond program that helped the City purchase the property," she said. "With the signal in place, we hope park visitors will feel more comfortable using the city parking on the other side."

   Visitors to the park may use the drop-off zone in front of the central gatehouse to load and unload, Youngblood added. She reports that the curb at the gatehouse will be repainted to encourage this use as a result of a call from a citizen.

   "Park visitors are essential to evaluating and fine-tuning a new facility," Youngblood added.

   Comments and questions about all city parks can be e-mailed to, or by calling Woodinville Parks & Recreation at 425-489-2700.