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August 23, 1999

Local News

Pollworkers needed

   King County is currently recruiting pollworkers for King County's Election Boards. Pollworkers must be able to read and carry out written instructions; be capable of keeping count of ballots and voters; and be physically able to help put up chairs, tables, and voting devices at the polling places.

   The basic one-day job is a 15-hour shift, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and pays $5.75 per hour. (Minimum age to work is 16 or attainment of high school diploma or equivalency, whichever is younger.)

   The County is in the process of recruiting people to serve as pollworkers for the Primary Election on Tuesday, September 14, and for the General Election on Tuesday, November 2. Pollworkers fall into two categories: Inspectors, who are in charge of their poll site election day and must attend a class beforehand, and judges, who serve on election day.

   Inspectors: Transport election materials from local depots on the Sunday morning before election day, supervise the polling places on election day, and transport materials back to their local depots after their polling places shut down with an election judge of the opposite partisan affiliation. King County pays inspectors $17.10 to attend an instruction orientation before election day.

   Inspectors must have a valid driver's license and access to a working private vehicle. Pay is $136.15 (or $153.25 with the 3-hour orientation).

   Judges: Assist Inspectors and tend a precinct poll book on election day. Sample tasks: Assisting voters with signing in, handing out ballots (sometimes by code), and putting ballots in the ballot box. Currently, pay is $88.35.

   Call the King County Elections Pollworker Unit at (206) 296-1606 for comments, questions, or recommendations of people to serve as inspectors or judges. Each judge or inspector must declare a party affiliation for balance on the boards per state law.