Northwest NEWS

August 23, 1999

Valley Special

Proposals invited for Children's Day celebrations

   The Snoqualmie Valley Community Network seeks proposals for projects, events, or activities that celebrate Washington State Children's Day, October 10, 1999, and which communicate to Snoqualmie Valley children that they are valued and their contributions to our communities are honored.

   Organizations and groups that have a program orientation toward children and youth may submit proposals. Collaboration among organizations is encouraged.

   The Snoqualmie Valley Community Network will select one or more proposals for funding. The maximum amount of funding to be awarded is $1,500.

   To apply, submit a letter of intent with the following information: Organization(s) name and lead contact person; description of event, activity, project; description of ways that children will be involved; number and ages of children expected to be involved; location(s) of activity; outline of plans to publicize the Children's Day Celebration; proposed budget.

   Letters of intent must be received by August 31, 1999. They can be mailed or faxed to: Snoqualmie Valley Community Network; P.O. Box 910; Carnation, WA 98014. Phone and fax are 425-333-6614.

   A Network team will announce successful proposals by September 8, 1999.