Northwest NEWS

August 23, 1999

Valley Special

Bird Street safety concerns

by Audrey Mintz

   The Duvall City Council tabled a decision August 12 on the Stonecrofte Preliminary Plat due to the high number of residents who were concerned about road safety on Bird Street, which would lead into the proposed development.

   "Traffic is bad now--people don't stop at stop signs," said Bird Street resident Mark Beier. "There will be double the amount of cars and lots of accidents will happen," he said, requesting that the city not tie into Bird Street. "I do not want to be helping scrape up bodies off the road," said Patty Beier, describing the street as one of the few places in Duvall where kids can play safely.

   Doretta Pratt complained of traffic problems that have been ongoing since the apartments were built on 4th Avenue and said there are no sidewalks on the east side of 3rd Avenue. She said children have to walk on the west side and then cross over, adding that several houses have problems with water drainage already and that could become worse.

   The Stonecrofte streets are currently engineered to handle more vehicles than can by handled by Bird Street, explained City Planner Eric Jensen. Duvall City Engineer Elizabeth Goode told the council that full street improvements which would be necessary to handle the proposed amount of traffic "would create grade issues with existing driveways on Bird Street."

   Resident Andy Knebel noted if Bird Street is widened, his driveway will be inaccessible. A decision is planned for this week's meeting after Goode makes a recommendation to the city regarding enhancements to Bird Street.

   Jensen noted that the state Department of Fish and Wildlife retracted their previous determination and now requests a 100-foot buffer around the salmon-bearing creek running parallel to 4th.