Northwest NEWS

August 30, 1999


Parking? Where are the swings?

   I must agree with others regarding Wilmot Park. It's a beautiful park to visit, but the few parking spaces it has are always full.

   Before it was an official park, there was enough parking for 30-plus cars for people to access the trail. It seems to me that too much was put into the visual design and not the practicality, meaning enough parking spaces.

   As far as parking across the street, try doing that when there is a game in progress, and you'll find that lot is not all that accommodating either, not to mention the inconvenience of crossing the street for people with small children.

   The other issue I don't understand about the park is--where are the swings? Every park should have swings; they appeal to the young and the old. There is a large play structure with lots of fun play areas which is very nice, but no swings anywhere.

   Once again, there's plenty of room to put them, even if they were away from the main play area so younger children don't get hurt by walking into them when in use. The park is quite large, and there would be plenty of places where swings could be added, which would be nice, because not everyone enjoys being drawn to the main play area, which at times is very crowded.

   It's great we have close-to-home places to take our children--it just seems that someone went all out and designed a cool, yet not-so-practical park for an area that needs practical. I'm hoping others like me will voice their opinions and we can improve Wilmot Park for everyone's benefit.

Barbara Canell, Woodinville