Northwest NEWS

August 30, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   Aug. 21: Four men created a disturbance at Shari's Restaurant in Woodinville between 2:15 and 3:05 a.m. The men came in and sat at a booth. They were talking loudly and acting obnoxious, according to the manager. One man spit food on the floor and deliberately spilled his water.

   "What are you looking at?" that man asked another male customer in a booth across the aisle. "Nothing," said the customer, but he told the man that he wished he would "shut up" and stop making a scene. The man responded with derogatory remarks and threatened to follow the other man home and beat him.

   The manager warned the man to stop creating a disturbance or he would have to leave. The man and his friends began to argue with her, and she called 911. Police came, arrested the threatening man for harassment and took him to King County Jail.

   Aug. 23: At 9:30, a Yellow Cab driver picked up a woman at Sea-Tac Airport and drove her to an apartment building in Woodinville. The woman had given him a check, but a verification of the check showed insufficient funds. The driver called police. The 30-year-old woman said she was coming to visit her boyfriend at the apartment house.

   Through the manager, police were able to contact the boyfriend. He told police and the manager that the woman should not be given access to his apartment, and that if she tried, he wanted her arrested. Since the woman was technically a vagrant, and had no means to pay the cab fare, police arrested her for "theft of services" and took her to the King County Jail.