Northwest NEWS

September 6, 1999


Stockpot moves to Woodinville

Stockpot Inc.

Stockpot has completed their 100,000-square-foot plant. It is located on SR-9 in Woodinville.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Stockpot, Inc. started production Sept. 1 at their new 100,000-square-foot plant, located at 22505 SR-9 in Woodinville. Stockpot, the national leader of all foodservice refrigerated soup producers, moved from Redmond in order to locate all their production departments at a single site.

   Founded by Kevin Fortun in 1981, the company was purchased by the Campbell Soup Company in June of 1998. In addition to fresh refrigerated soups, Stockpot produces sauces, entrées, side dishes, and gravies for both restaurant and home use.

   "Stockpot has experienced such growth that we have exceeded our bounds in the Redmond facility," said Kathleen Horner, Stockpot president. "The new Woodinville site will triple our production capacity, give us more flexibility to grow, bring all aspects of production under one roof, and overall, enhance the work environment for our employees."

   The plant will use 80,000 square feet for production and distribution and 20,000 square feet for offices. The plant amenities will feature: state-of-the-art refrigeration control systems; high-end production equipment, including four new soup kettles and a cascading water chiller; enhanced employee locker and break rooms; an onsite training facility; and a fully-equipped customer conference facility with a culinary studio attached for food tastings and demonstrations.