Northwest NEWS

September 6, 1999


Many residents are in favor of playfields, but is the board listening?

   I want to echo the sentiments of earlier letters by Jorge Barrera and Donna DeYoung regarding the current leadership of the Hollywood Hill Association.

   I am one of the many HHA members who have been trying for more than a year to make the HHA board understand that we want them to stop their legal opposition to the playfields planned for the South Gateway Park project. They simply refuse to listen.

   We brought more than 125 votes in favor of the South Gateway Park project to the HHA's annual meeting last October ... and still they refused to listen. They told us we didn't constitute a quorum, yet they refused to tell us the membership of the HHA so we would know if that was true.

   We have made repeated attempts to verify the membership numbers, and board members have promised to provide the information, only to back out at the last minute. We started attending the HHA's board's monthly meetings, only to have the HHA board suddenly declare these meeting "executive sessions" and off-limits to the general membership.

   HHA board members are testifying before local, county, and state government agencies, saying they represent the residents of Hollywood Hill ... yet when did they ever ask us, either at a meeting or via mail, how we felt about South Gateway Park? If they did, they would find out that the majority of Hollywood Hill residents favor the park.

   Residents of Hollywood Hill need to know that this group of people could care less about what you want. They have their own agenda and are using the good name of the Hollywood Hill Association to further their causes. Do you really want them to keep using your dues money to fight the construction of a park and playfield that will benefit the community?

   As they told us at last October's meeting, "If you don't like our position on the park, then you'll just have to vote us out of office, because we're not changing our minds."

   We'll have our chance to do that at next month's annual meeting. Attend, renew your dues, and let's vote to replace this group with people who will actually listen to those they are elected to represent.

Gail Neubert, Woodinville