Northwest NEWS

September 6, 1999


Road needs to be completely refurbished

   If we band together to get the repairs to the southbound lanes of SR-203 at MP-12, lives may be saved. This area has had a serious surface failure for several (6-plus?) months.

   Putting up a "Rough Road Ahead" sign is not an excuse for not fixing the road. I believe there have been fatal accidents attributable to uneven road surface in this area. There have been many hay truck loads lost, sometimes hitting other vehicles.

   Please call (425) 339-1780 and ask to talk to the maintenance supervisor for SR-203. His name is David Pierce (e-mail: and his assistant is Dennis Carlson.

   In the long run, we should not settle for anything less than a complete refurbishment of this road, down to and including a new foundation.

Anders & Calla Tronsen, Carnation