Northwest NEWS

September 6, 1999


Clean-up could make the best place to live even better

   I'm a daily jogger and find I have to keep my eyes on the ground to dodge glass and junk that people toss out the car window. I'm amazed that in our so-called "environmentally conscious" Washington, there are many who don't seem to care.

   I come up with all kinds of names for them while running, and on some days when I walk instead, I take a plastic grocery bag with me and fill it with trash.

   I'd like to propose Saturday, Oct. 2, as the first annual "Clean Up Washington Day" when every able-bodied man, woman, and child would take one average plastic grocery bag, and with a good pair of gloves on, pick up trash near your home.

   Since it seems most of the garbage is tossed from cars, kids would have to be very careful alongside roads. Adult supervision would be a good idea.

   What a difference it could make if we all did something together to make the best place to live even better.

Tom McCarthy, the "Wake-Up Guy" on Warm 106.9-FM, Seattle