Northwest NEWS

September 6, 1999


America's freedom of religion is costing us untold acres of natural habitat

   I was on my way home last evening when I saw yet another notice of proposed land development for a church and parking lot in the Cottage Lake area.

   Every piece of forest that is destroyed for building and paving over is a loss of habitat for native species and increases the likelihood that future generations will have to pay entrance fees in order to hike and play in a forest.

   The runoff from parking lots winds up in our streams and rivers, endangering and poisoning fish and other aquatic life. Many materials in construction are also toxic.

   I am sick of seeing churches (as well as other greedy land development schemes) putting themselves above the quality of the environment. Surely some sort of sharing agreement can be made among the existing churches to belay any further destruction.

   Freedom of religion and to peacefully assemble does not mean the right to destroy nature in the process.

Kayleen Doornbos, via e-mail