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September 6, 1999


Guest Editorial

Local involvement needed to protect lifestyles and property value

Local involvementOn August 10, 1999, Superior Court Judge Sharon Armstrong finally ruled in the favor of Novelty Neighbors and King County regarding the Alberg properties located approximately three miles south of Duvall along SR-203.

Letters to the Editor

Volunteers and support for concerts were appreciated

volunteers appreciatedThis is a note with many thanks to Woodinville and its support of the 1999 Summer in the Parks Concert Series.

Many residents are in favor of playfields, but is the board listening?

Hollywood Hill AssociationI am one of the many Hollywood Hill Association members who have been trying for more than a year to make the HHA board understand that we want them to stop their legal opposition to the playfields planned for the South Gateway Park.

Solution must be fair, cost-effective, and workable

Bothell Arts & Crafts FairI am writing regarding the controversy over a new sewer pipe for Kenmore or a less expensive and less intrusive option: storage tanks that hold excess flows during heavy rains. The parallel Kenmore Interceptor is a bad idea.

Road needs to be completely refurbished

road repairsIf we band together to get the repairs to the southbound lanes of SR-203 at MP-12, lives may be saved.

Sorenson Sales Agreement

Sorenson playfieldsAfter reviewing the Draft of the Sales Agreement for the Sorenson property, it has become obvious that one of the paragraphs the School Board inserted is nothing more than window dressing.

Clean-up could make the best place to live even better

Clean Up Washington DayI'm a daily jogger and find I have to keep my eyes on the ground to dodge glass and junk that people toss out the car window. I'm amazed that in our so-called "environmentally conscious" Washington, there are many who don't seem to care.

America's freedom of religion is costing us untold acres of natural habitat

freedom of religionFreedom of religion and to peacefully assemble does not mean the right to destroy nature in the process.

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