Northwest NEWS

September 6, 1999

Local News


Cottage Lake pool closed until next year

   The Cottage Lake Park swimming pool was closed on Sept. 1, due to a breakdown in the filtration system. Because the repair could not have been effected before the scheduled pool closure, King County Parks decided to close the pool until next year.

Gorton at Inglemoor

   Washington's U.S. Senator Slade Gorton is scheduled to visit two classrooms at Inglemoor High School on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 9-10:30 a.m. Gorton will visit the International Baccalaureate class taught by Sheri Rosenzweig and Tim Curtis and a Computer Applications class taught by Anne Mitchell.

   From 9:45-10:15, Gorton will hold a round table discussion on the use of federal funds and issues facing administrators. Superintendent Karen Forys and Inglemoor Principal Vicki Sherwood and other district staff members will participate. From 10:15-10:30, Gorton will join Forys, Sherwood, King County Police Capt. Dave Maehren, school security officer Craig Phillips, a PTA representative, two students, and other staff members for a round table discussion on school safety.

Pyramid scam alert

   The Bothell Police Dept. warns citizens to be on the alert for a persistent pyramid scam operating in and around the Bothell area. Pyramids are touted as "investment" programs, with a person required to invest or "gift" money for the right to recruit others into the program to also "invest" or "gift" money. They are promised more money for every person they bring in the program. These programs often use meal, auto racing and airline themes, and have been circulated among friends or family members, religious or social groups.

   The latest scam invites people to an "investment" meeting at homes, churches, hotels, or union halls. Attendees are encouraged to "freely give, without consideration" up to $2,000 in $50 or $100 bills, and to recruit others to join them.

   Givers are required to state that it's strictly a gift, and they expect nothing in return. In fact, they are led to believe they will receive $13,500 from each group they join. The money goes to the person at the top of the pyramid as a "gift," without tax concern.

   Call Officer Brown at 425-487-5505 for information.

Reserve deputy honored

   Reserve Deputy Robert Thompson of the Kenmore Precinct was among those honored for going above and beyond normal expectations at a King County Sheriff's Office awards assembly held Aug. 31. Thompson was recognized for his dedication to the Reserve Program in 1998 including 1,270 hours of donated time and over 300 transports of arrestees.