Northwest NEWS

September 6, 1999


Co-ops help families learn together

co-op preschool

Co-op preschools in the Northshore area provide opportunities for both parents and children.

   Parent Cooperative preschools offer a unique opportunity for your child to learn about life and parents to learn about their children.

   There are two programs serving the Woodinville area: Redmond Cooperative Preschool and Woodinville Family Preschool. Redmond Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with Lake Washington Technical College. Both preschools meet college and state requirements for cooperative preschools. Teachers are certified and insured through the colleges.

   Due to parent involvement, there is a high student/adult ratio (1-4 average) which allows the children to concentrate on a variety of areas. Daily activities include art, woodworking, cooking projects, imaginative play, music, outdoor play, science, circle and story times.

   "For preschool children, the process of learning is much more important than the end product. They learn by being free to experiment with equipment and materials the individual family does not have at home. The children will grow in their abilities and skills to use various materials and equipment with help and encouragement. Each success brings the satisfaction and accomplishment necessary for them to feel good about themselves," said Mary Shank of Woodinville.

   "Attending Redmond Cooperative Preschool for seven years with our four children, I can truly say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences for our family. The school offers so much to the building of the parent/child relationship. I will never regret the time spent with my children at the school," said Mary Scott of Duvall.

   Along with participating in the cooperative, the schools have an educational program for the parents to aid and support them in their parenting process. Each program is unique and offers different strengths.

   For further information, call Woodinville Preschool at 425-481-9707, or Redmond Cooperative Preschool at 425-885-2888.

   There are other co-op preschools in the Northshore and Lower Snoqualmie areas. Call Shoreline Community College or Lake Washington Technical College for information.