Northwest NEWS

September 13, 1999


Thank you, Woodinville, for years of memories

   Our first memory of Woodinville was of 175th St. being torn up, and of course, we thought it was done just for us. We settled into our 7-Eleven store and began to grow with the city.

   I remember being excited about the Fool's Day Parade because it was the only time of year Otto would check the store roof for leaks. As the years went by, it took him longer and longer to get the job done. Can't imagine why.

   We remember selling Slurpees to the junior high and high school students, then later selling Slurpees to their children. Funny, they were getting older, but we weren't. Okay, maybe a little.

   We tried to start your day with a hot cup of coffee and a little humor. We teased and were teased. We had so much fun with our customers, the memories are countless. The beauty of being in our store for so many years was the friends we made and the many times we laughed together and cried together.

   On a more serious note, it's been almost two years since the robbery at our store which changed our lives forever. We couldn't have made it through the days that followed without the tremendous amount of support from the community and all branches of law enforcement. We will be eternally grateful to everyone who picked us up when we were down and showed us how much they cared.

   A special thanks to Albert, Aloha, and Nancy, our employees, who never left our sides. Anyone who knows Albert knows that if we had a world full of Alberts, we would have a perfect world.

   Another special thanks to Joe Pisconski, who organized our farewell party, and Jackie, who made the delicious cakes. It meant more than words can express. Joe, have you been abused lately?

   Thank you, Mayor Brocha, for the beautiful Key to the City. You made us feel very special. Now you'll never be completely rid of us. I wonder if you thought of that. Thank you, Bob Miller, for being a friend for so many years.

   We wish we could mention everyone's name who have meant so much to us, but in 18 years, there were so many that it would be impossible, so this letter is for you.

   On a less serious note, if you see people wandering aimlessly around, they are probably looking for the wineries, so will you please help them? The "directions to the wineries question" was the most popular one we were asked. Otto could never understand why I wanted to be "tourist friendly" and take the people to the wineries myself. Oh well, so much for being "tourist friendly."

   Thanks again, citizens of Woodinville, Woodinville Police Dept., and King County Police Dept., for being our friends. Everyone will be missed, but the memories are still there. We'll be seeing you. God bless all of you.

Otto & Mary Ellen Beach, former Woodinville 7-Eleven owners