Northwest NEWS

September 13, 1999


Angels are much appreciated

   I was once an imaginitive and visionary little girl. I dreamed of a world that would one day listen for my free heart and search for my compassionate lands. I dreamed of becoming the successful young woman I am today. And yet, the dream is not over. The world is holding her breath, as I am ready to grasp her hands and make her dreams come true.

   I know that little girls become successful young women because they believe in themselves and never let their dreams perish. But I also know that little girls cannot dream and achieve on their own. There are always angels standing nearby--people who also believe in the dreams.

   I will be leaving the Snoqualmie Valley, my home, for Seattle University in September to pursue studies in international politics. I want to thank all the angels in the Snoqualmie Valley who believed in my dreams and who have helped me to become the person I am proud to be:

   Pat Morrison (for your encouragement); Barb Haas (for recognizing who I've become); Emily Schmale (for your laughter); Janet Laverne (for believing in me); Peggy Steele (because everything will be okay); Jennifer Enloe (for believing in so much); Carola Wittmann (for your guidance); Kit McCormick (for your sense of humor); Josh Searle (for treating me like a true journalist); Jane Pak (because you are everyone's angel); Dr. Reido (for your compassion); Barbara MacKenzie (for your admiration); Alia Christman (for your enthusiasm); Deborah Winter (for supporting my poetry); Lee Ann Obright (because I love music); Mother (because you live for me, day to day); Carol Edwards (because you are who I will be); Katherine Bond (you remind me to keep writing); Eva Stroud (for your overwhelming kindness); Shane Guthrie (for being the big brother I wanted); the Gundersons (for leaving your hearts open); Suszie Marshall (for your positivity); Pam Jackson (for your motherly love); Erin Rodriguez (for giving me peace-of-mind); Moe (for assuring me that life doesn't unravel); Dr. Kate Garst (for the gift of life); Glendon Pflugrath (for introducing me to hope); Brandon Kelley (because you taught me to love); Rebecca Lloyd (my definition of friendship); Daddy (for your bravery and sense of freedom).

Eva Zemandl, Duvall