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September 13, 1999

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Volunteers spruce up Children's Country Home

paint prep

Woodinville resident David Elsner and Wallene Delery, NEPCO employees, prepare the Children's Country Home for painting.
Staff photo by Marshall Haley.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Some 60 employees of two Redmond companies, NEPCO and Cornerstone Advisors, gave the Children's Country Home a complete facelift last Friday.

   Home owner and co-founder Mary Shemesh said having so many workers allows them to paint the entire house in less than two hours and complete the greatly-needed yard cleanup. Some workers were busy taping doors and windows, while some gave the natural landscape a makeover. Others removed wood forms around sidewalks.

   "Super Rent donated several pieces of equipment, but they only had one wheelbarrow left because contractors had rented all the rest," said Shemesh. "So we borrowed about 20 wheelbarrows from neighbors, and we could probably use a few more when we start moving the gravel out back. I'd also like to thank RED-E Topsoil, the Woodinville and Lake Forest Park Subway stores, and Top Foods in Woodinville for their generous contributions."

   The gravel will raise an area for extending walkways in the back yard, to give residents wheelchair access to a new raised garden recreation area.

   "This is such a great turnout by so many hard-working people," said project coordinator Bonnie Hubbard.

   The volunteer effort was on behalf of the United Way.