Northwest NEWS

September 20, 1999


Groundbreaking is acknowledgement of Duvall's decline

   Reading the August 30th edition of the Valley View, I noted a disturbing picture of a Safeway groundbreaking down near Big Rock road and SR-203 just south of Duvall.

   "Disturbing" in the sense that the Duvall mayor and city council were so "enthralled" with this invitation to big business, strip mall development, and general acquiescence to greed foisted upon the good rural folks of Duvall.

   It's unfortunate that rural politics has come to this type of pandering to big business. A Safeway store is not a celebration, but an acknowledgment of Duvall's decline. This is a very sad thing, indicative of all those sloppy Quadrant developments on the hills behind it.

Jon Waite, Duvall