Northwest NEWS

September 20, 1999


Who does the Association represent? Residents want to know

   Well, there seems to be quite a bit of dissension among the Hollywood Hill dwellers and the Hollywood Hill Association leaders (see last week's letter from Ms. Neubert). I have also received several phone calls from the people on the hill, and they tell me that they don't belong to the Association anymore, haven't paid their dues for many years, and resent the Association presenting themselves as speaking for the majority of residents on the hill.

   As I understand it, their membership has dropped dramatically in the last few years, mostly from people who feel the same way the last two letters in the Weekly indicate--a few people who profess to be the leaders ignore the will of the majority vote, defy the membership, and hide behind the legitimacy of the Association to expound their own personal agenda. Interestingly, somehow Marsha and Larry Martin's names keep coming up in these conversations.

   I personally have not belonged to the Association for many years, however, I still get their newsletter and am sure I am still counted among the throngs of people they claim to represent. As least, that is what they have the County officials believing.

   Here is the challenge to the Hollywood Hill Association--come forth and tell the truth. Just how many of us hill dwellers (who have to take the blame for your constant opposition to everything, good or bad, that happens in this community) do you actually represent?

   It is time to clean up your act, Hollywood Hill Association. Get rid of those who are grinding the ax of their own personal agenda while using the Association name as a cover.

   While the leadership was busy opposing soccer fields, did they oppose the golf course that some of them had a personal interest in? Funny, I never heard of any.

Donna DeYoung, Hollywood Hill