Northwest NEWS

September 20, 1999


Thankfully, Bothell Water District came to the rescue

   On Thursday, Sept. 2nd, what looked like a seepage or a new spring was discovered at a home in the Woodcrest Estates. By Friday, Sept. 3rd, the "spring" was flowing at a rate of about 40 gallons per minute. It was then discovered that we had a main line water leak.

   We called about 15 different plumbing companies asking for help. Finally, we got one to come out to look at our problem. After three hours, we were told that since the broken pipe was about 8 feet deep, we would need a vacuum pumper truck. We were also informed that the truck would be on the job some time on Monday, Sept. 7th.

   About 11:30 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 4th, the Bothell Fire Dept. had to be called to sandbag a home because the water was threatening to go under the house. At 8:30 a.m. the next day, the Bothell Water District was called to shut off the water main, since the water flow had about doubled during the night.

   I called the Bothell Water office emergency and asked them to shut down the water to the leak. I also had to call the police and the firemen because there would be no water to the fire hydrant and no water to 43 homes.

   I believe that these conditions are what became not acceptable to the City of Bothell which led to the agreement they offered and we agreed to. The agreement was that they would bring in their pumper and crew to repair the leak so that we would not be without water and fire protection for so long a period of time.

   My hat is off to Robert A. McDonald and his crew. They worked hard and long on what should have been a holiday for them, to pull us out of a big problem. All that is needed now is about 5.5 yards of fill dirt and about 1.5 yards of topsoil and we are finished.

Gino Giovacchini, Bothell