Northwest NEWS

September 20, 1999


Area athletes compete in Danskin Triathlon


   Twenty-two women from Gold Creek Tennis and Sports Club spent the past five months training for the Danskin Triathlon with professional triathlete Sara Graham. Held August 15th at Seward Park, the Danskin is the largest women's triathlon in the nation with 2,090 women participating in a half-mile swim, twelve-mile bike ride, and three-mile run.

   Finishers included: Julie Billet, Robin Totonelly, Kelly Goodwin, Jane Mooney, Debbie Stone, Kelli Arrivey, Kathy Shaw, Claudia Finkelstein, Erica Hitchcock, Katie Klein, Nancy Rettig, Anne Turner, Patricia Blacketer, and Teresa Trinka (not photographed: Shelly Mauer, Sandy Fleming, Renee Motley-Colbert, Julianna Gunnarsson, Lana Mahan, Liz Strathy, Robyn Vergillo, and Sharon Tennis).