Northwest NEWS

September 20, 1999

Front Page

City Hall gets Y2K-proof voice mail system

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Last week, Woodinville's City Hall purchased and installed a Norstar Voice Mail 4.0 system. The voice mail system was an easy fit for the City's existing Norstar phone system, which saved a lot of money, compared to trying to match another brand's voice mail to Norstar's phone system, said City Clerk Sandra Steffler.

   "This is the most versatile communication tool I've ever worked with," said Steffler. "With our Norstar phone system, this was the logical voice mail upgrade. That allowed all combined components to still be Y2K compliant. We also received a guarantee of Y2K compliance from Norstar's Texas headquarters. Y2K compliance was the big driver in this purchase."

   City staff technicians tested that compliance the weekend of Sept. 11-12 by "rolling the system forward to 11:59 p.m., Dec. 31, --99," said Steffler. "There is no '19--' used in the system. When it rolled over, the system read 'Jan. 1, --00,' and kept right on working, so we know it is compliant. We purchased this now so we could test it a few months before Y2K actually happens."

   Steffler said the City looks forward to better communication with citizens with the new system. As staff lead on the selection and purchase, Steffler also made sure the installation could be easily removed from its present location when the staff moves to the new City Hall in 2001.