Northwest NEWS

September 27, 1999

Local News

Woodinville senior program grows

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--About 30 members of the Woodinville Senior Program held a question and answer session with Mayor Don Brocha and City Councilmember Barbara Solberg and strengthened ties to the Northshore Senior Center, in a meeting at the Sammamish Valley Grange last Wednesday, Sept. 22.

   "For the next two years, Northshore (School District) will maintain the same schedule," Brocha replied to a question of whether or not the Sorenson pool will still be available to seniors following its recent purchase agreement by the City of Woodinville. Brocha reminded the group that the City would not officially own Sorenson for the next two years. "Woodinville has an ordinance that requires us to replace any recreation facility that we might close," he added. He said the pool will probably remain intact, unless it is found to be too old and needs replacing at some time down the road.

   The seniors also wondered if the City will be able to provide them space and a phone extension at the new City Hall, as a focal contact point for seniors in the community.

   "We will build a facility to serve all ages of Woodinville citizens. We need your detailed input during our public process to let us know your needs. In our present location, City staff is so stretched to capacity, I don't know where we could squeeze you in, but we can look into that," Brocha said.

   Solberg reminded the group of the potential political power a unified seniors group can represent, counting herself among them. Brocha assured the seniors program that they meet all budget criteria required for funding by the City and said he expects the Council to continue funding their group. A question about potential Y2K problems came up next.

   "After talking to all the public utility agencies, I don't think it will even be a big bump in the road," said Brocha. "All Woodinville city systems have been tested and are Y2K-proof. My brother-in-law does maintenance work on the cross-state power lines. He said they tested all their backup relay systems recently (in simulating a major power outage due to computer-caused shutdown), and they all worked as expected."

   In response to a question about more low-income housing for seniors, Brocha pointed to the upcoming ARCH housing project on the north side of town, that will provide 50 units for seniors, along with other units for families of all ages.

   Marianne LoGerfo, director of the Northshore Senior Center, announced Metro's donation of a van to the Woodinville seniors group. She said they are now looking for volunteer drivers for the van, and mentioned the convenience the van would allow Woodinville seniors for transportation to the Senior Center and for more participants in planned field trips.

   Mike Marshall of the Woodinville Seniors Steering Committee announced plans for a Northshore pickup of seniors from the Woodinville Park & Ride. One member asked if stops could be arranged for Canterbury Square residents.

   LoGerfo also announced that Terri Holmes, who conducted the meeting, was serving her last official function as the Satellite Director of the Northshore Senior Center. She thanked Holmes for the unusual level of creativity and heartfelt enthusiasm she had contributed to Northshore's success. LoGerfo then introduced Jen Rigg as Holmes' successor as director of Northshore's satellite programs for Woodinville, Kenmore, and Mill Creek seniors.