Northwest NEWS

September 27, 1999

Local News

Facelift planned for SR-522 in Bothell

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   BOTHELL--The Bothell City Council voted to conduct additional studies on one-half of the issues involved in the proposed SR-522 Multimodal Corridor Project (MCP) improvements during their meeting of Sept. 20. They agreed to resume discussions on Nov. 8 of the various impacts the project would have on businesses along Bothell Way, said Community Planning Director Bill Wiselogle.

   The Council did accept the other phase of the MCP, involving three main issues: improved safety for Wayne Curve, Kaysner Way improvements, and a civilian overpass over 522 where it intersects Main Street, to allow safer foot traffic from the river side to the downtown area.

   To highlight the natural beauty of Wayne Curve, the City wants to plant distinctive trees, curb bollards, and signature shrubs to emphasize the roadway curve and the forest backdrop. They also want to add street lights with banners and a new "Welcome to Bothell" sign with an electronic message board.

   Right-turn and transit lanes will be added where Kaysner Way meets 522. Business owners have objected to adding islands in the middle of Bothell Way, claiming that limiting traffic access would discourage shoppers and in some cases, such as the Yakima Fruit Market, would put them out of business. They did not object to adding transit lanes or safety improvements for Wayne Curve.