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September 27, 1999

Local News

I-695 support fading, in latest Elway Poll

   Voter support for Initiative 695 dropped from 59 percent to 52 percent in the last month, according to a Sept. 20 release by the Elway Poll.

   "This is a classic pattern of opinion shift," said Stuart Elway (206-264-1500). "The movement from 'favor' to 'undecided' clearly indicates that many voters are having second thoughts about the measure. But they have not been convinced to vote 'no.' The campaign is a long way from being over."

   In an off-year election like this one, a typically lower turnout can worsen I-695's prospects, said Elway. Those most likely to vote for it are those least likely to vote this November. Voters who have not voted in the last four elections, or voted only once, favor I-695 by a 68-17 percent margin. Those who vote in every election oppose the measure 47-40 percent.

   King County showed the biggest drop in support, from 55 percent in August to 44 percent in September, while opposition moved from 38 to 40 percent. Seattle "no" voters maintained their 57 percent opposition, while supporters dropped from 39 to 27 percent. Eastern Washington supporters dropped from 66 to 58 percent.