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September 27, 1999

Valley Special

Art Shack

Art academy opens

   Classes at Art Shack, Duvall's multimedia art academy, are forming for this autumn.

   The Art Shack is a place for children of all ages to explore creativity and an array of exciting new mediums. All classes are taught by experienced artists/teachers Lupin and Lily Tapert.

   They provide a comfortable, creatively stimulating atmosphere that children and adults find to be conducive and inspiring. Their Main Street studio is equipped with high quality tools and materials, ensuring the most rewarding projects for children to take home.

   Children have an opportunity to learn a variety of art forms, including pottery and sculpture; basket weaving; bead, metal, and stone crafting; yarn spinning; and paper making.

   For information and brochure, call 425-788-1805, or visit the studio at 15726 Main St., Duvall.