Northwest NEWS

October 4, 1999


Initiative flies in the face of representative democracy

   In addition to the immediate impact on local and county governments from the loss of the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax (MVET) revenue sharing, passing initiative 695 would prevent any elected body from raising taxes or fees without an election.

   I-695 flies against the great principle of representative democracy: we have representatives, in city councils, in county councils, and in the state legistature whom we elect to study these issues and act for us. When they fail to act in our interest, we can elect others who suit us better.

   Passing 695 makes every citizen personally responsible for studying every issue. I hope that I'm an informed voter, but I could not in good conscience undertake to know everything that a councilmember or legislator knows about the all the issues that arise.

   Don't get me wrong. I'd like lower taxes, too. But the proponents of I-695 offer to reduce our motor vehicle taxes so that we can enjoy our cars in our driveways, for there surely won't be roads left unclogged to drive on.

Ralph Gorin, Woodinville