Northwest NEWS

October 4, 1999


Scare tactics should never have seen the light of day

   If I-695 passes, schools will close, children will starve, prisons will have to shut down, and a great cosmic goat will eat the earth. Or so we might think after reading your front page piece on I-695.

   All this from a 2% tax cut? Give me a break.

   If your family had to cut 2% out if its budget, would you choose a less expensive hotel for your Hawaiian vacation, or would you stop eating? Me? I'd keep eating.

   But our fearless leaders in Olympia, whom you suggest are so much more qualified to make budget decisions than the people who pay the taxes, would have us believe that without that final 2%, we will all stop eating.

   Are we seriously to believe that there is no fat in government spending? No pork? Not even 2%? We all know that's absurd. And yet, when we try to take back 2% and make vehicle ownership affordable, they say we will have to close down the schools and police stations, but not the committees studying the effects of ocean water on salmon. These are scare tactics that should never see the light of day.

   Let the initiative pass. Let license tabs be $30. Let the taxpayers pay 2% less. Let the Legislature redirect revenue as may be necessary to the programs that matter, because if they can't handle something that simple, we shouldn't trust them with any of our money.

Troy Beardslee, Woodinville