Northwest NEWS

October 4, 1999


America is supposed to be a society of laws

   Laws should apply to government with no less force than they're applied to "we the people." But that promise is now foundering in the corruption of King County's growth machine, where the law appears to take a backseat to developer desires.

   In December of 1994, citizens challenged the formation of an "island" Urban Growth Area that our county government had illegally created for Quadrant so that this developer could make millions building a city in the middle of our rural neighborhoods--dollars that the politicians knew would be shared with those who helped make this city happen. Those homeowners believed the law mattered, but they (we) have learned a hard lesson about corruption, bias, and governments pandering to special interests.

   It took 4-plus years for the Washington State Supreme Court to rule, unanimously, that King County's excuse for breaking that law was invalid, but the construction still continued on Blakely Ridge and Redmond Ridge with no concern from our county leaders who had illegally rezoned the land. Right and wrong were disregarded while the county circled the wagons in defense of their actions.

   It's now been more than three months since that ruling and we are waiting, again, for rulings from the Supreme Court to Quadrant's motions that will finally allow the critical hearing before the state GMA Board--hearings that we know will declare the UPDs illegal and terminate them. But as the system crawls forward, the construction continues feverishly.

Michael Costello, Redmond