Northwest NEWS

October 4, 1999


Letters to the Editor

I-695 is a tax revolt

I-695I'm offended by the implication that we the taxpayers are not capable of making complex decisions. This elitist attitude by our elected officials needs to come to an end.

Initiative flies in the face of representative democracy

I-695In addition to the immediate impact on local and county governments, passing initiative 695 would prevent any elected body from raising taxes or fees without an election.

Scare tactics should never have seen the light of day

I-695If I-695 passes, schools will close, children will starve, prisons will have to shut down, and a great cosmic goat will eat the earth. Or so we might think after reading your piece on I-695.

America is supposed to be a society of laws

Urban Growth AreasLaws should apply to government with no less force than they're applied to "we the people." But that promise is now foundering in the corruption of King County's growth machine.

Some food for thought before the general election

campaign signsCampaign signs are to be removed within 10 days following the election. Wasn't the election weeks ago? Don't you also find it interesting that nothing is being done about it?

To the citizens of Carnation and surrounding areas

speed limitsIn recent months, there has been an increase in traffic complaints, specifically relating to individuals driving over the posted speed limit. There have been efforts made by the city to provide adequate signage to alert all citizens to the speed limits in town.

There's no way rural King County will be paved over

rural King CountyAs far as the claim of some that rural King County will be "paved over" if existing highly-taxed lots are built on--no way will that happen.

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