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October 4, 1999

Local News

City Hall design

Council approves City Hall design

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Lewis Architects' City Hall schematic design phase was completed on time and within budget, as the Woodinville City Council unanimously approved the tentative plan at their Sept. 27 meeting. That was no small feat, considering the extra week spent when the Council asked Lewis to reconsider renovation of Sorenson school.

   Councilmember Barbara Solberg spotted the design's sole apparent weakness: only one bathroom stall per floor (for each gender) in the staff work areas; and single stalls in the first-floor public bathrooms and the Council Chambers bathrooms, both at the west end of the 175-foot long building.

   A mitigation suggestion that the bathrooms be labeled unisex was met with rolled eyes by some male onlookers.

   Barry Quinn, of the project management firm The RISE Group, said the construction phase budget would increase 2-2.5 percent, due to adding a technical consultant to oversee new technology implementation such as voice-video and other technology not originally anticipated.

   Councilmembers said they especially like the high open ceiling over the building's "spine," the building-length, wide corridor which leads the public from both east and west entrances to the three, staggered public counters. Those counters will front the permit, public works, and community development departments. The 8,000-foot second floor will sit above most of the first-floor office space, in the southern half of the building.

   The first construction phase began Oct. 4, involving demolition of three condemned houses on the site, leveling the land and implementing erosion mitigation for the winter. Construction is scheduled to start next spring. All materials from the demolition will be recycled.

   Lewis expects to remove only as many trees as absolutely necessary, stressed Lewis designer Laroy Gant. A large, symmetrical cedar will remain as the centerpiece to the landscape along the 133rd NE side of City Hall. Only those firs that have grown too close together, and that will not accommodate the widening of 133rd and placing of sidewalks will be cut down, he said.

   The City has retained a certified arborist to assess the condition of all trees on the site. A two-foot lowering of NE 133rd--to mitigate the eight-foot, east to west elevation drop on the site--will primarily involve the road in front of the northeast one-third of the site, said Gant.

   The City Council awarded the demolition and erosion control contract to Bobby Wolford Trucking and Salvage, Inc. of Woodinville on Sept. 7, for an amount not to exceed $45,883.50. Anyone with demolition questions should call Dean McKee, City Building Permit Center Director, at 425-489-2754, ext. 235.

   The main parking lot, on the southwest side of the site, will have 109 spaces, with 38 of those shared with Brittany Park.