Northwest NEWS

October 4, 1999

Front Page

Valley youths lead plebes at Annapolis

AnnapolisAnnapolis Midshipman First Class Michael R. Beard and Midshipman First Class Bryan Hopper (class of 2000) have been selected as "Company Commanders" during Plebe Summer at the Naval Academy.

Herbfarm restaurant is moving to Woodinville

Herbfarm restaurantHerbfarm owners Carrie Van Dyck and Ron Zimmerman finally have the permits to rebuild their four-star restaurant. But now it looks like the new eatery will be constructed in Woodinville.

King County begins series of road improvements

road improvementsIn preparation for the replacement of the Novelty Bridge, the King County Road Services Division is set to begin a series of projects in the Duvall area designed to improve traffic flow while the new bridge is under construction.

Duvall studies possible effects of I-695

road improvementsMayor Glen Kuntz hoped for citizen input on the possible impacts of I-695 at a public meeting last week. Problem was, the public didn't show up.