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October 4, 1999

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Valley youths lead plebes at Annapolis


Michael Beard leads his company of midshipmen through Tecumseh Court on the Yard.

by Valley View staff

   Annapolis Midshipman First Class Michael R. Beard and Midshipman First Class Bryan Hopper (class of 2000) have been selected as "Company Commanders" during Plebe Summer at the Naval Academy.

   The six weeks of Plebe Summer are the most intense and one of the most important times in the career of a Naval officer. Both Midshipmen will also serve as company officers during the academic year.

   Midshipman Beard of Duvall and Midshipman Hopper of Snohomish were selected by Naval Academy leadership and by their peers for this prestigious honor.

   Midshipman Beard is the son of Jackson and Clara Beard of Duvall. Beard graduated from Cedarcrest High School in 1994, where he was student body president during his senior year.

   Beard lettered in several sports and helped the school select its colors, song, and mascot. Beard is majoring in history with a minor in engineering. He intends to take his commission in the Marine Corps in either special warfare or as a flight officer.

   Midshipman Hopper is the son of William and Janet Hopper of Snohomish. William Hopper is a Navy captain. Hopper graduated from Snohomish High School in 1996, where he was president of the honor society and active in a youth community service organization.

   Hopper is majoring in oceanography with a minor in engineering. Hopper intends to take his commission in the Navy as a Naval flight officer.

   Both Midshipmen will graduate in May of 2000 with a bachelor of science degree and a commission in the Armed Forces of the United States. Both will serve a minimum of from six to nine years.