Northwest NEWS

October 11, 1999


Writer tired of yellow journalism

   I used to think that being a newspaper reporter, later a TV-news reporter, was glamorous and noble. Things have happened that have changed my mind.

   For one, the repetition of bad news over and over and over, like the coverage of the Lonnie Davis killing spree. I turned the TV on to Channel 4 at five o'clock. It was a classic example of saturation of the airwaves with just a few facts; every channel did it.

   Also, there seems to be bias where Safeco Field and Emerald Downs are concerned. Let's make some comparisons. Ron Crockett found investors for the track, he didn't try to stick the taxpayers. He did an excellent job of replacing wetlands. When the surface of the oval had problems, he fixed it. The millionaire owners of the Mariners got around the "no" vote on the baseball stadium, wrangled the most expensive one in the country. And they want another $100 million from the tax payers.

   Thank God the weekly papers and small newspapers did not go for the yellow journalism craze. Maybe the answer is to boycott the big daily newspapers and the huge volume of news on telelvision.

Marguerite Ensley, Carnation