Northwest NEWS

October 11, 1999


Stand up and shout!

   This is an invitation to all of the residents of Woodinville and all who use the Sammamish River Trail for walking, jogging, skating, or biking to raise their hands together in applause for the spectacular job done by volunteers of all ages on Saturday, Oct. 2.

   We planted about 4,000 trees and plants along 1,000 feet of the river. Then, as I walked along the trail to check volunteer assignments, I was astounded to see folks reaching up into the poplar trees, pulling out the dead blackberry vines that had grown into the trees.

   So we wound up with a bonus beautification project. It was yet another wonderful example of Woodinville's volunteer spirit.

   Many thanks are due to our sponsors and donors: The Sammamish Forum, American Forests' Relief campaign, Eddie Bauer, Jamba Juice, King County Parks, King County Department of Natural Resources, Kemp West, Resource Management, Hos Bros. Construction, and Woodinville Water District.

   Let's do it again on Oct. 16 and 23.

John Markuson, Volunteer Coordinator, 489-2700, ext. 298