Northwest NEWS

October 11, 1999


Your opinions on Duvall are important

   I echo the sentiments written by Jon Waite in the September 20th issue (Letters to the Editor) regarding the decline of Duvall at the Safeway groundbreaking.

   If we are to continue to enjoy the relative quiet, laid-back atmosphere still existing in Duvall and keep intact what is left of the untouched beautiful country that surrounds us here, Mayor Kuntz needs to know how we feel.

   The rate at which Duvall has been "declining" since Mayor Kuntz has presided over Duvall is alarming. But he's not operating on his own. This growth is backed by more than the mayor.

   Those of us opposing the direction Duvall is heading toward are probably the least likely to voice our opinions about it, and the best way to be heard is to be seen the first Tuesday of every month (11:45 a.m.) at the City Council meeting. At the very least, a letter to the mayor (P.O. Box 1300) would be an effective alternative to the inaction which is quickly changing Duvall as we know and love it.

   Your opinion counts.

Rebecca Harter, Duvall