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October 11, 1999


Guest Editorial

Decisions made today will affect generations to come

Woodinville Water DistrictAs an elected official of the Woodinville Water District, I believe it is critical for ratepayers to understand the current state of water delivery here in Woodinville.

Letters to the Editor

Community should be proud of ReLeaf efforts

ReLeaf effortsThe ReLeaf effort was a wonderful example of what can be done through enthusiastic participation of our citizens with competent leadership and planning by the city's staff.

Ten-foot trail too narrow for pedestrians, horses

ReLeaf effortsThe "ReLeaf" tree-planting project along the Sammamish River is a perfect example of our ongoing fish-over-people mentality.

Stand up and shout!

ReLeaf effortsThis is an invitation to all who use the Sammamish River Trail for walking, jogging, skating, or biking to raise their hands together in applause for the spectacular job done by volunteers of all ages on Saturday, Oct. 2.

City should act to guarantee the safety of children

traffic safetyA request was made to the City last June to replace the warning signs near Woodinville High School. To date, the signs have not been replaced.

Your opinions on Duvall are important

Duvall growthIf we are to continue to enjoy the relative quiet, laid-back atmosphere still existing in Duvall and keep intact what is left of the untouched beautiful country that surrounds us here, Mayor Kuntz needs to know how we feel.

Herman family appreciates prayers, support

thank youThe family of Lacy Herman would like to say thank you to all our friends in Carnation for their prayers, support, and concern during her recent battle with E.Coli.

Thoughts from first-year Cedarcrest parent

Cedarcrest HSWinning isn't everything, but after years of enduring other schools' ridicule about the playing field at Tolt, can't we please find it in our hearts to give these kids what they deserve?

Support progress toward safe and healthy communities with recreational opportunities and parks

Hollywood Hill Assoc.An unfortunate obstacle to the South Gateway Park is a small group of highly vocal and strident people claiming to represent Hollywood Hill. They claim to be the elected board of the Hollywood Hill Association (HHA).

Writer tired of yellow journalism

yellow journalismI used to think that being a newspaper reporter, later a TV-news reporter, was glamorous and noble. Things have happened that have changed my mind.

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