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October 11, 1999

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Bothell's Street Maintenance needs help

Public Improvement #1: Maintain storm water catch basins

   Imagine getting up after a night of stormy weather to discover the street outside your home is flooded.

   Flooding can happen almost anywhere in the city under the right set of circumstances. The good news is that we can usually reduce the likelihood of flooding by taking a few easy steps.

   Identify if there is potential for flooding on your street, then ask yourself these questions:

   Once problems are identified, the Street Maintenance Division can begin to work with residents to minimize the risk of flooding in the future.

   If you have identified the catch basins in the curb line of your street, make sure they are cleaned off so that no debris will block the flow of storm water. Debris often piles up on storm water catch basins so that the metal grate is not visible. Always check the curb line after garbage pick-up to make sure trash was not left behind. Even the smallest pieces of debris can clog storm drains.

   If you have trees on your street, you probably have leaves that can plug the storm drains. Try to sweep all leaves out of the curb line. This is especially important in fall when trees shed their leaves.

   Finally, call the Maintenance Division at the Department of Public Improvements (Bothell) if you find low-lying areas in your street where standing water remains after a storm.

   Although the Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Improvements regularly sweeps most areas in the City of Bothell, there are times when it is difficult to keep up with all the clogged storm drains. It's at times like these that the crews greatly appreciate your help. Working together, we can make the City of Bothell a better place to live.

   For more information about catch basins or any other maintenance related issue, call the City of Bothell's Maintenance Shop at (425) 488-0118.